Published! The Medical Cannabis Recommendation by Dr. Regina Nelson

The accepted dissertation work of Regina Nelson, Ph.D.

Regina Nelson, Ph.D.

Regina Nelson, Ph.D.

The Medical Cannabis Recommendation: An Integral Exploration of Doctor-Patient Experiences

The Medical Cannabis Recommendation: An Integral Exploration of Doctor-Patient Experiences by Dr. Regina Nelson

The study in it’s entirety follows; however, it reads like an intriguing non-fiction book rather than a boring academic work.

Nelson explores the narrative of doctors and patients as participants in medical cannabis programs across the U.S. and her study’s findings demonstrate oppressive and disturbing experiences are common for both parties.
After developing a strong case for research in this area, Nelson follows with an intense narrative breakdown of findings.Study participants articulately describe how the inter-objectified public and institutional policies (Lower Right Quadrant) affect the cultural (Lower Left Quadrant), relational (Upper Right Quadrant), and subjective consciousness (Upper Left Quadrant) are affected by their participation in medical cannabis programs.
Participant narrative highlights the many factors that contribute to the marginalization of a growing population of chronically and terminally ill American citizens and physician’s who support these alternative healthcare practices.
Findings will guide future research, educational initiatives, and assist with normalizing the use of cannabis.

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I was lucky to adapt some original pencil art into the cover image. I also edited and did the book design. Thank you, Doctor, and congratulations!
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