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As a snow sports instructor,  I help both children and adults learn new skills in potentially disastrous situations every day during the season. Working extensively with special needs populations and emergency workers throughout my career, crisis intervention and situation deescalation trainings have been as frequent for me as CPR and First Aid.

Combine that with decades in corporate and government communications environments to not only understand the workings of the world, but also the experience to use the personal approach to share those workings with others for the proverbial epiphany, that glorious “a-ha” moment!

Dharma Coach method consists mainly of experiential life coaching thru thought-provoking questions unleashed/considered/rehashed/ in limiting-belief busting sessions, oftentimes involving life-embracing outdoor activities.

My practice is a hybrid of the many experiential masters and organizations I’ve been honored to have studied under, including their subject matter expertise.
Raymond Aaron – Monthly Mentor
Avatar – Enlightened Planetary Civilization
Christopher Browning – Career Coach
T. Harv Eker – Peak Potentials
Kevin Hogan – Human Behavior
Nancy Hopps – Sound Healer
Dai Leon – Cosmic Evolution
Rachel Taylor – Ignite Your Purpose
Brian Tracy – Effectiveness Expert
Rosie Walford – The Big Stretch

and so many others, integrating many tools picked up along the way also,

…like the Sedona Method, the Lefkoe Method, Pivoting and EFT Tapping.

Together, we can draft a script for the life you’ll love living. The cast, plot and action are all up to you. Having been a producer for many years, I can help you get your story on the big screen. Isn’t it time for you to start a life less ordinary?

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