Young couple falls in love, escape drugs & small town life in Oregon but find the same sinfluences in California, which eventually crash the relationship. When love of family conquers, they finally reach a compassionate understanding that the place where we “live” is created in the perceptions of our hearts.

Cast of Characters

  • (Lemmy) Nehalem – 26/36yo Native American Barista, BA Journalism
  • Hess – 23yo Black Bartender at Satyricon
  • Katherine (Electra) – 24/34yo Record Store clerk, BA Classical Music
  • Joshua – 24yo Guitarist of Wicked Melinda, Nehalem’s band mate & drug buddy
  • Si – 47yo Café owner, Nehalem’s boss
  • Amanda – 9yo daughter of older Nehalem & Katherine


  • Salem, OR
  • Portland, OR
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • Summerland, CA

Everclear-Sparkle & Fade

Musical Timeline

“Summerland” uniquely utilizes the complete Everclear album, Sparkle And Fade, as the movie’s soundtrack. A reorganization of the tracks was required to suit the story’s narrative.

Act One – Oregon

Electra Made Me Blind – Credits, life is hard montage, work

Heartspark Dollarsign – Party scene in Salem, secondary characters, gossip: he said, she said

My Sexual Life – Katherine meets Nehalem at the party, they’ve seen/heard of each other, slut stories, Nehalem from N. Salem. Pine Street Theater. Can you make me come? Simple life, big dreams.

Chemical Smile –Nehalem introduces Katherine to smack, she talks God smack nonsense

Heroin Girl – Salem Glamorizes drug life, Nehalem & Katherine learn about each other, his past Slashback

Queen Of The Air – Nehalem & Katherine learn about each other, her childhood, Aunt Virginia’s suicide, grim life/weather, rough memories in OR., talk about leaving, giving up his fanzine.

The Twistinside – Ready for the real world, decision time, grow up, act responsibly, sick of coasting

Summerland – Nehalem & Katherine talk in the car leaving behind Salem, forget about it

Act Two – California

Her Brand New Skin – Katherine attends NA, Nehalem can’t keep up, resentment sets in

You Make Me Feel Like A Whore – Nehalem struggles with sobriety, life becomes a rut

Pale Green Stars – Amanda 10, Nehalem & Katherine fighting, Daddy’s going away

Nehalem – Nehalem confronts Katherine, who wants a divorce, I know you’re leaving me

Strawberry – Nehalem uses again on visit to Portland, meets an old drug buddy, Nehalem in recovery in LA

Act Three – Summerland

Santa Monica – Nehalem calls from rehab, wants to rekindle with Katherine, returns


Act One

Salemtowne – Nehalem & Katherine get together, go on tour with Everclear. Find their dream location in CA, decide to move.

Act Two

Santa Monica – 10 years later, he’s got drinking problems, she’s got God & affairs. They’re unhappily in the “same place” they’d left. Bigger city, same problems.

Act Three

Summerland – Triumph over drugs, adultery & divorce.


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