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Upon moving from Portland, Oregon to Seattle in 1989, Michael immediately immersed himself in the local music scene. Within two years he had established himself, and City Heat: Seattle's Music Magazine, as a viable voice in the global spotlight that shone on the Emerald City in the early 90's. Here you'll find his past publishing (as well as current thoughts) as he prepares to publish Seattle's Music Scene Series. Already available at is the first title on Kindle format: 1990: Seattle's Music Scene Distorts As 80's Glam Goes 90's Grunge.

Published! The Medical Cannabis Recommendation by Dr. Regina Nelson

The accepted dissertation work of Regina Nelson, Ph.D.

Regina Nelson, Ph.D.

Regina Nelson, Ph.D.

The Medical Cannabis Recommendation: An Integral Exploration of Doctor-Patient Experiences

The Medical Cannabis Recommendation: An Integral Exploration of Doctor-Patient Experiences by Dr. Regina Nelson

The study in it’s entirety follows; however, it reads like an intriguing non-fiction book rather than a boring academic work.

Nelson explores the narrative of doctors and patients as participants in medical cannabis programs across the U.S. and her study’s findings demonstrate oppressive and disturbing experiences are common for both parties.
After developing a strong case for research in this area, Nelson follows with an intense narrative breakdown of findings.Study participants articulately describe how the inter-objectified public and institutional policies (Lower Right Quadrant) affect the cultural (Lower Left Quadrant), relational (Upper Right Quadrant), and subjective consciousness (Upper Left Quadrant) are affected by their participation in medical cannabis programs.
Participant narrative highlights the many factors that contribute to the marginalization of a growing population of chronically and terminally ill American citizens and physician’s who support these alternative healthcare practices.
Findings will guide future research, educational initiatives, and assist with normalizing the use of cannabis.

Get it at the nonprofit site instead of Amazon,

I was lucky to adapt some original pencil art into the cover image. I also edited and did the book design. Thank you, Doctor, and congratulations!

Louis XIV at RIO Voodoo Lounge [Rock Over America – 11/29/2007]

Louis XIV
RIO Voodoo Lounge
Las Vegas, NV

A local LV artist named Katie painted a sweet young thang named Mariah who consented to her role as set dressing during the “free drinks” portion of this evening. I was a little surprised that after spending two hours in panties and pasties getting painted, Mariah never got more info on Katie, like even her last name.

Body Painted Mariah

I can’t blame her too much. It was Mariah’s first time modeling oil paint and it kinda speaks to the surface factor inseparable from Vegas itself.
“Sure, I’ll get naked for body painted performance art, Katie, is it?”

Body Painted Mariah's Backside

Body Painted Mariah’s Backside

My first shot from the cell-cam obscured her great smile, so she posed for me later in the hall. Thanks Mariah, and YOU are welcome!

The night itself was a Thank You card from Area 107.9 to its Alien Nation audience. Sponsored also by Bombay Sapphire Gin, the drinks were scheduled to flow from 9 to 11, when the band was supposed to start.

As always in Vegas venues, the crowd was an eclectic mix of touristas and true rockers. Several devotees waited patiently at the banister above the stairwell leading down to the meet-n-greet for radio winners. Without the proper wristband or laminate credentials, Joe Average was kept on the upper level.

At 11:11, I decided to visit the hookah stand at the top of the staircase to sample a taste of the Apple/Blueberry, White Grape and Mixed Fruit they had bubbling away. Yummy tokes!

Finally at 11:47 the band manage to mosey onstage and a few minutes later dumpy Duncan, Area 107.9’s Program Director and morning ‘personality’, introduces Pineapple recording artist “Louie, the 14th”!

Singer Jason Hill starts in on Paper Doll backed by guitarist Brian Karscig’s basic strum structure.

Louis XIV - Voodoo Lounge 11.2.2007 Las Vegas

Louis XIV – Voodoo Lounge 11.2.2007 Las Vegas

“Sing, sing me a song, bang me like the girls in Hong Kong / I know, I know I ain’t correct but politics are so much better when there’s sex.”

And that pretty well sums up LXIV’s central thrust. Cock rock for the young, witty sensibility. Well-spoken lewd. Shrewd.No apologies needed. None offered. Just full throated odes to the trampling of teen queens.

The San Diego based quartet was three on stage tonight with drummer Mark Maigaard playing a stripped down set with a white towel muting the snare. The starry-eyed ladies up front must’ve inquired about bassist Mr. Ambrust III, since Jason offered, “Jimmy’s at home sleepin’. We couldn’t get the fucker out of bed!”

Between songs, Jason straps on an amped acoustic guitar of his own, sweetly and sharply enunciating his path through Pledge Of Allegiance:“Milkshake, milkshake, I love to feel you sweat/you don’t have to go to the pool if you want me to make you wet / Can you keep a secret, the best secrets are kept / and you’re my best fucken secret yet!”

For A Letter To Dominique, Jason introduces, “A song about a girl named Dominique. She used to come around my house and then one day she just disappeared.” It translated well enough to the acoustic show but the album version is kinda simple and boring. Seemed to work tho for a trio of radio winners coyly vogueing up front, grinning and giggling their way.

Radio Winners

Radio Winners

They brought the tempo down for a new song, possibly called Traffic Control or Lookin’ Down. This one really showcased the femmy falsetto of Brian’s backups (and sometimes leading vocals).

Brian Karscig of Louis XIV

Brian Karscig of Louis XIV

To me anyway, he sounds like a chick most of the time his mouth is open. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! His input fits the music and tone perfectly when it’s his time, like when he’s quipping “Wind you up and make you crawl to me / tie you up until you call to me” on Finding Out True Love Is Blind.

Their hottest single happened to be the obvious crowd favorite, but also the short set ender. An intimate, abbreviated acoustic performance for radio fans known as the Alien Nation.

LXIV lightly strummed and snared about a half hour of toned down Anglo-rock and was all done by 12:12. They left the stage with an offer to drink with everyone into the night and, “Thank you very much. We’ve had a pleasure!”

Louis XIV Singer Jason Hill, Voodoo Lounge 11.2.2007 Las Vegas

Louis XIV Singer Jason Hill, Voodoo Lounge 11.2.2007 Las Vegas

Seems like when I saw them this summer at Hard Rock’s Rehab Pool concert series, I remember having an absolute blast (and them rocking much harder when fully plugged in). I also remember someone, I think Brian, playing a violin on several songs. The problem with remembering that show was the hours before the band started.

Vegas runs on juice and sometimes it’s free. A site called sponsors a deal called Open Bar and got dialed in with the Hard Rock’s Friday night pool series. Doors and sponsoring alcohol got opened at 5pm. Free designated drinks for about four hours, then bands were due onstage at 9pm. It was quite a summer line-up and those locals in the know caught great bands and imbibables, gratis for all summer long.

Louis XIV will be on tour over America during January and February, returning to Sin City on St. Valentine’s Day 2008. Do yourself two favors; check out LXIV on this upcoming theater tour and check out when you come to town. You’re sure to have a debaucherously good time!

This article first appeared in Rock Over America.


Pirate Television – Kid Sensation & Artis the Spoonman [1997.03.04]

PTV [1997.03.04]

In The Mix

2 Live CrewDo The Damn Thang [World Premiere]

Nasty Nes Rodriguez introduces, live in studio, Kid Sensation!

On The Floor

The ProdigyFirestarter

Rockin’ Out

MxPxMove To Bremerton [World Premiere]

On The Scene

Gas HufferSixty Three Hours

Doc Rock introduces, live in studio, Artis The Spoonman! For this night’s performance, Artis was backed by Evan Schiller & Paul Hinklin of Sadhappy.

If any viewer out there has a copy of this show, please let me know!